Are You or Your Child 
Struggling With 

Pain, Stress or Dysfunction?

 Finally There’s a Gentle Solution That Releases Those Problems at the Source

 Difficulty sleeping, eating, playing, digesting, staying focused?


From the very beginning of life the body is subjected to various
aggravations the most common of which are childhood disease, birth
trauma and other physical distress due to the fetal position in utero. 

(Understanding the Messages of Your Body, Barral)


Your child has ten toes and fingers, two eyes, two ears…  everything “looks” normal.

You do your best to eat right, get rest and maybe even exercise.

Why are you or your child so distressed ? 

Now imagine life when you and baby are at ease….

in rhythm and truly happy throughout your days, weeks and months! 

Imagine how will you feel when…

  •   your child is sleeping soundly
  •   the meltdowns disappear and you enjoy golden moments
  •   the teacher calls to tell you how well your child is doing
  •   YOU have more time and energy for fun times!
  •   You are more focused for day-to-day tasks
  •   Your ‘worry-factor’ is turned way down

You are not alone!

The truth is….

  • you are a great, loving and capable parent
  • you deserve to have help that can make a difference
  • your bodies want to be free of trauma and dysfunction

YOU AND YOUR child can find the ease and joy you both desire!

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